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    Review: Always Be My Maybe

    Always Be My Maybe

    “Always Be My Maybe” was initially off my radar because in truth I do not like RomComs.  At all.  In general, I’d prefer to just watch Overboard on repeat for 7 days straight than sit down for one viewing of a new RomCom.  It’s the SAME story told the SAME way every single time.  The jokes usually fall into the same category of predictable and unoriginal that the rest of these stories do.  “Always Be My Maybe” doesn’t escape all…

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  • I am Mother Review
    Movies Review

    Review: “I Am Mother”

    Netflix dropped “I Am Mother” a new science fiction film this June.  Netflix hasn’t been very consistent in their movies.  I haven’t even liked some of the more well received ones…

  • Buffy Buffy

    Buffy Reloaded

    Buffy reloaded!  With all the craze over a Buffy re-boot it made me want to revisit the series.  In my late teens I was obsessed with it (and Angel) and came…

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    Review: Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4 seemed like an unnecessary addition to a trilogy that most can agree ended very well, albeit bittersweet.  Pixar has been tugging at our heartstrings since 1995 when we…

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    Black Mirror: Series 5

    The newest series of “Black Mirror” just dropped on Netflix and it occurred to me I had some catching up to do.  Black Mirror isn’t something I like to put on…

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    Behind The Scenes

    Why I Changed The Blog

    You may be wondering why I changed the blog. I thought about addressing this later and just moving forward with the change.  But there are some of you that have been…