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    2019 Movies I’m Amped About

    We’re a little more than halfway through 2019 and I’m focused on what movies I’m amped about for the rest of the year.  There’s some promising prospects and a few that I will most certainly be parking my butt in the theatre for.  Movies I’m amped about?  We have a new Quentin Tarantino feature, a new Terminator, and Star Wars!  Two of my favorite franchises and one of my favorite directors.  Here’s my list of movies I’m amped about closing…

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  • Always Be My Maybe
    Movies Review

    Review: Always Be My Maybe

    “Always Be My Maybe” was initially off my radar because in truth I do not like RomComs.  At all.  In general, I’d prefer to just watch Overboard on repeat for 7…

  • I am Mother Review
    Movies Review

    Review: “I Am Mother”

    Netflix dropped “I Am Mother” a new science fiction film this June.  Netflix hasn’t been very consistent in their movies.  I haven’t even liked some of the more well received ones…

  • Buffy Buffy

    Buffy Reloaded

    Buffy reloaded!  With all the craze over a Buffy re-boot it made me want to revisit the series.  In my late teens I was obsessed with it (and Angel) and came…

  • Movies Review The Nerd Den

    Review: Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4 seemed like an unnecessary addition to a trilogy that most can agree ended very well, albeit bittersweet.  Pixar has been tugging at our heartstrings since 1995 when we…

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    Black Mirror: Series 5

    The newest series of “Black Mirror” just dropped on Netflix and it occurred to me I had some catching up to do.  Black Mirror isn’t something I like to put on…