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    Terminator: Dark Fate

    dark fate

    Listen up mother truckers that were rightfully traumatized by the obscenity that was Terminator: Genysis, Terminator: Dark Fate is Oscar-worthy in comparison. If anything, it benefits from the low expectations left from the previous three movies. Out of the franchise, it easily cruises into 3rd best film, pays homage to the original mythology, gives righteous fan service, and has some wicked sexy action sequences. It is a FUN movie, but it only is enjoyable on a superficial level. For us…

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  • el camino
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    Review: El Camino

    You may have heard that the “Breaking Bad” movie “El Camino” is now available streaming on Netflix. It’s been out a few weeks and diehard “Breaking Bad” fans were losing it.…

  • it
    Movies Review The Nerd Den

    Review: “It” (2017)

    Because it’s been well noted that I don’t often go see films that are hyped as excessively amazing and “It” was not different. “It” was the first Stephen King book I…

  • spooktober
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    Spooktober 2019 Movie Countdown

    It’s no secret horror is not my genre of choice, but that doesn’t mean I don’t harbor a fondness or affection for it and that’s why I decided to embrace “Spooktober.” …