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    Spooktober 2020

    spooktober 2020

    It’s baaaaack. I had so much fun with “Spooktober” last season that I decided to continue it and so here is “Spooktober 2020”. Spooktober 2020 will be a little different than last year. I love Halloween. In fact, I’m a Halloween nut. It is my favorite holiday of the year during my favorite season of the year. Scary movies and Halloween influenced movies are a big part of celebrating that season, but so are books, music, and television. Each day…

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  • the haunting of bly manor
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    The Haunting of Bly Manor

    Episodes 1-4 I see Dead People. Bly Manor started out strong for me, but began losing it’s momentum quickly. I enjoyed the subtle scares in the first few episodes (the shot…

  • vittorio the vampire
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    Vittorio the Vampire

    by: Anne Rice Anne Rice has always used her writing to explore and express her exploration of religion and faith through entertainment. Vittorio the Vampire is no exception. Memnoch the Devil…

  • i am legend
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    I am Legend

    by: Richard Matheson Most people are familiar with the feature film I am Legend starring Will Smith. For big cinephiles, you may have seen Omega Man or the Last Man on Earth which are also based on the…