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    Please be Patient With us Introverts


    Please be patient with us introverts right now. Most people I know are RUNNING into public, vacations, and returning to their normal. The poking of “when are we going to get together” and return what was normal for everyone else is overwhelming. Some of us are not only not ready, but were never big fans of it in the first place. Misconceptions There are a lot of misconceptions about introverts. The first being that we don’t like socializing at all,…

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  • ok, boomer
    Behind The Scenes

    Ok, Boomer

    Ok, Boomer is one of the bigger catchphrases to catch traction in the last few years and I have have a few thoughts on it. I wasn’t sure where to go…

  • tv shows you may have missed
    The Nerd Den TV

    TV Shows You May Have Missed

    Stuck at home with all the comforts of technology! That’s right, this isn’t so bad guys. You are getting a stay-cation and now is the time to watch all of the…

  • Top Ten Movies of 2019
    Movies The Nerd Den

    10 Best Movies Of 2019

    What are my top ten movies of 2019? What? You don’t care? Typically, I like to do these lists to see how good the year was for movies, and 2019 wasn’t…