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    MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Season 1, Episode3 The fun with that artist/streamer guy For this episode of the Man, I Love Fun podcast, Kai and Heather are joined by the insanely talented Justin Jones to discuss the following: What we’ve done lately. We get a visit from the finance guy and some other characters from Justin’s show. We discuss Justin’s Twitch Stream and art. We do some 60 second drawings. We do the SERIOUS 7. We hang out with the chatters for the after party. You…

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  • the haunting of bly manor
    Reviews The Nerd Den TV

    The Haunting of Bly Manor

    Episodes 1-4 I see Dead People. Bly Manor started out strong for me, but began losing it’s momentum quickly. I enjoyed the subtle scares in the first few episodes (the shot…

  • vittorio the vampire
    Books Reviews The Nerd Den

    Vittorio the Vampire

    by: Anne Rice Anne Rice has always used her writing to explore and express her exploration of religion and faith through entertainment. Vittorio the Vampire is no exception. Memnoch the Devil…

  • i am legend
    Books Reviews The Nerd Den

    I am Legend

    by: Richard Matheson Most people are familiar with the feature film I am Legend starring Will Smith. For big cinephiles, you may have seen Omega Man or the Last Man on Earth which are also based on the…