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Weekly Running Tip: How to Start Winter Running

Winter Running

Winter running can mean a lot of different things depending on where you live in the world, but if you live in a cold or seasonal climate like the Midwest in the United States you can be sure winter’s can be treacherous.  Here in Michigan you can count on 6 months of temperatures under 35 degrees, with months consistently reaching sub zero.   If temperatures happen to be warmer we are lucky enough to face the joys of snow. For…

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Review: Prancer
Movies The Nerd Den

Movie Review: Prancer 1989

The LAMB or “The Large Association of Movie Blogs” is putting together a collaboration of bloggers and Cinephiles favorite Christmas films.  Each of us are representing our favorite film and fighting for it to the death……….or maybe just with…

Winter Running Gear
Running Tips

Weekly Running Tip: Winter Running Gear

Cold weather running is no joke, but it can really be a fun challenge.  It doesn’t matter if you are an established runner or just starting out, if you haven’t ran in freezing temps or knee deep snow there’s…

Haunting Of Hill House
The Nerd Den TV

Review: The Haunting Of Hill House

Like many people Netflix has bummed me out with a lot of the syndicated shows it’s dropped over the years.  They want most of their content to be “Netflix Original’s” and who can blame them?  I really can’t because…