My 2019 Goals

2019 Goals
Earlier this month I talked about setting goals, making them attainable and finding a way to make them sustainable. It’s mid December already so I’m going to share what I have (so far) for my 2019 goal list.  This is me being totally transparent and expressing what I want to achieve.  I’m setting myself up for success, but also creating some hefty challenges.  Any of the three people who may read this have unwillingly just became my accountability partners!

2019 Goals

    • 600 Miles
    • Run A Full Marathon
    • Run Detroit Half
    • Post Weekly Running Article Each Week
    • Work on New Book – Start From Scratch
    • Do A “Broz” Race
    • More “Mike and Me” Time
    • Read, Write or Game once a day for at least 30 minutes
    • Address Health Concerns and Plan With Doctor
    • Run at least two days a week. No excuses.

As you can see some of these are big goals that will have to be worked on daily over a long period of time and some of these are simple things I can achieve daily, but all of them are attainable and realistic.  The marathon training will require the sacrifice of time, the patience and support of my husband and dragons, and a real training schedule that I MUST stick to.  Mostly, it will all take a daily effort to stay constant and vigilant at working towards achieving this each day.  Sure, this is stuff for me, but it’s also about finding balance in life.

If you have some goals you want to work towards I implore you to WRITE THEM DOWN.  Post them on social media if you want.  Whatever you think may help you stick to them.

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