About Me

About MeHi!  My name is Heather and I’m a thirty something mother of three boys.  Brosnan is 15, Liam is 13, and Adam is 2 and they keep me busy on their own.  I manage a lot of this because I work from home, which just as amazing as it is, it can be challenging and I have it down to……….functional!

My passions include writing, music, reading, gaming, running and a relatively unhealthy obsession with movies.  I am even going on my tenth year of co-hosting a podcast called the MILFcast (aka The Man, I Love Films Podcast). 

In this blog I share weekly running tips, some parenting and life hacks I’ve learned along the way as well.  As a wife and mother of 3 boys and one spoiled cat I’m still a work in progress, but running has helped me through some the of the hardest times of my life.

A huge lesson I’ve learned in life is to honor the journey, embrace what’s happening in the moment and to be willing to do the work needed to achieve my goals.  Each day I strive for balance and embrace the happiness that I have found.


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