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TV Shows You May Have Missed

tv shows you may have missed

Stuck at home with all the comforts of technology! That’s right, this isn’t so bad guys. You are getting a stay-cation and now is the time to watch all of the TV shows you may have missed over the years. Sure the circumstances suck and the adjustment is hard, but let us perservere on our tushies and catch up on some great TV shows. I’ve managed to watch a lot of TV shows over the 8 years I’ve spent working…

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Review: Bad Boys For Life

“Bad Boys For Life” almost slipped right by me. Having just seen the trailer at “The Rise of Skywalker” I figured it might show its face at the end of February. As an avid fan of the first two bits of the franchise (if we’re being honest it’s more of an unhealthy love affair) I was ready to see how Will Smith and Martin Lawrence faired with the aging and without their fearless leader Michael Bay at the helm of…

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Review: The Witcher

the witcher

When I first heard news Netflix was adapting “The Witcher” into a television series I was not as excited as one may have expected. “The Witcher” (3) is possibly my favorite game of all time, perhaps a close second to the Mass Effect trilogy. The world of “The Witcher” is massive, the landscapes beautiful and terrifying, the characters rich and full of complexity, but mostly the story itself is full of such depth, thought and care it’s inexplicable for a…

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10 Best Movies Of 2019

Top Ten Movies of 2019

What are my top ten movies of 2019? What? You don’t care? Typically, I like to do these lists to see how good the year was for movies, and 2019 wasn’t bad. Typically, I like to wait till January to make these lists because I usually don’t see the majority of new releases till the first quarter of January, but I did pretty solid this year. I may have missed a few here and there, but I saw most of…

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My Favorite Running Songs

favorite running songs

My favorite running songs isn’t an easy thing to compress.  Everyone is hitting up their Spotify to find out what their most listened to music of the decade is.  I don’t use Spotify, but I did run through my playlists and my Pandora to see what it seemed like I listen to the most, or at the very least what I like running to the most.  For my long distance training I’m not a fan of tempo that’s too fast…

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

the rise of skywalker

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is surrounded by divisive widely conflicting reviews from fans and critics alike. When it comes to Star Wars other’s opinions are completely inconsequential to me. I’ve always found the greatest aspect of Star Wars is for everyone to love it in your own unique way. It is built on nostalgia and personal connections, not on the greatness of its cinematic exploits. “The Rise of Skywalker” comes in as the best of the new trilogy…

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Review: “6 Underground”

6 Underground

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack with “6 Underground”. This entire film felt like Michael Bay hate sex. Clearly, it’s been a while since he’s been able to exercise his giant raging boner for “R” rated violence, half-naked hot women, and of course the epic master of blowing all of the shit the up. While it felt like angry Bay sex, that also meant the plot had more holes than a Michigan road. In spite of the bizarre plot and typical immature humor, “6…

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