MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Season 1, Episode3

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-t3796-106f3b1 The fun with that artist/streamer guy For this episode of the Man, I Love Fun podcast, Kai and Heather are joined by the insanely talented Justin Jones to discuss the following: What we’ve done lately. We get a visit from the finance guy and some other characters from Justin’s show. We discuss Justin’s Twitch Stream and art. We do some 60 second drawings. We do the SERIOUS 7. We hang out with the chatters for the after party. You…

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Spooktober 2020

spooktober 2020

It’s baaaaack. I had so much fun with “Spooktober” last season that I decided to continue it and so here is “Spooktober 2020”. Spooktober 2020 will be a little different than last year. I love Halloween. In fact, I’m a Halloween nut. It is my favorite holiday of the year during my favorite season of the year. Scary movies and Halloween influenced movies are a big part of celebrating that season, but so are books, music, and television. Each day…

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Review: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

the claiming of sleeping beauty

by: Anne Ricewriting as A.N. Roquelaure The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty was a story of pure pleasure. As much as I enjoy the good old Star Wars, Science Fiction, and other genre and style books, I have dearly missed the commanding and graceful words of Anne Rice. It’s been well over a year since I have either read a new novel or revisited an old one and I dearly missed it and her. I read Sleeping Beauty in a matter…

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The Haunting of Bly Manor

the haunting of bly manor

Episodes 1-4 I see Dead People. Bly Manor started out strong for me, but began losing it’s momentum quickly. I enjoyed the subtle scares in the first few episodes (the shot below is my favorite) and was prepared for a slow burn. There was a lot of unexplained hysteria and outbursts that didn’t make sense for a bit, though some gets unveiled as you go.…

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Vittorio the Vampire

vittorio the vampire

by: Anne Rice Anne Rice has always used her writing to explore and express her exploration of religion and faith through entertainment. Vittorio the Vampire is no exception. Memnoch the Devil and Christ the Lord: Out Of Egypt were also heavy handed with religious overtones. Other Rice books have had similar themes, but not so blatant as in these two novels and Vittorio. I struggled with Memnoch. It was a tough read. Even with my hero, Lestat the Brat Prince,…

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I am Legend

i am legend

by: Richard Matheson Most people are familiar with the feature film I am Legend starring Will Smith. For big cinephiles, you may have seen Omega Man or the Last Man on Earth which are also based on the book I am Legend. The original story was written by the master of horror Richard Matheson. I read it for the first time after the release of I Am Legend and have multiple times since.  …

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The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell – Marilyn Manson

marilyn manson

by: Marilyn Mansonwith Neil Strauss I’m not sure Marilyn Manson would recognize the guy who wrote this book anymore. I’m curious if Brian Warner (who according to Manson no longer exists) would though. When I read this years ago it I experienced a story of Manson on an unknowing journey of self-discovery. Throughout the book, I constantly felt he was on the cusp of grasping the impact his broken childhood had on his current displacement. The result of it all…

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