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Review: Anna (2019)


I saw the trailer for “Anna” at the “John Wick 3” viewing and it was pretty clever advertising. In it, we saw an exotic looking blonde executing 20 plus “bad guys” in a restaurant with the same fighting style we have seen in the “John Wick” films along with the recent “Atomic Blonde” featuring a very similar looking Charlize Theron. I had no problem with these likenesses. If anything, it only amplified my earnestness to see it. Female KGB assassin…

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Review: Thrawn Treason

Thrawn may be one of the most compelling and terrifying villains in all of the EU and any other part of the Star Wars verse. Only in the last few years were we fans lucky enough to reap the benefits of Timothy Zahn’s genius as he returns to the incomparable “Grand Admiral Thrawn.” The two books before “Treason” chronologically begin Thrawn’s journey into the “Empire”. We watch him rise in the ranks and the obstacles he has to overcome to…

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Why I Abandoned The Walking Dead

There was a time when “The Walking Dead” was my favorite show on TV. Conceptually it was fantastic. The characters were dynamic and while not all likable were still compelling. The narrative was in constant movement and evolution and didn’t just use characters as plot devices. It was never a perfect show, but all of it’s good greatly outweighed its flaws. It was diverse in character archetypes and for the first several seasons was really just a glorified survival show.…

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Movies Review The Nerd Den

Review: Ad Astra

Ad Astra

On the surface Ad Astra presents itself as a fairly straight forward science fiction tale about the relationships between father and son. But in reality, it has a lot more to say about modern society, the role of masculinity, and our purpose as people. In Ad Astra, the father/son theme and even all of the science fiction goodies were merely a tool to take you to the bigger theme of existentialism. But it’s done in a way where you can…

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Where Did All the Buddy Comedies Die?

Buddy Comedy

Where did all the buddy comedies go? There are so many great things about the ’80s and 90’s buddy comedy programmers. For years it seemed like everywhere we looked a new comedy was coming out, but now they seem a dying breed of a once-great sub-genre. But where are they going? Movie snobbery hasn’t taken over because Transformer movies are still selling out and Rom Com’s still drop every few months.…

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Review: Dark Matter

Dark Matter

I concluded Dark Matter this a.m. 3 seasons with an abrupt ending. Clearly, they didn’t know the show would be canceled. It almost felt like I was watching a Fox show rather than a SyFy original. At least in this circumstance, I knew there were only 3 seasons. This has been sitting in my Netflix queue for some time. Only recently whilst under the weather did I finally turn it on and blew through it in a week. Dark Matter…

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Review: Mass Effect Andromeda


Mass Effect Andromeda is the most recent installment of the Mass Effect series. It received a lot of bad reviews compared to the trilogy which I just recently finished playing for the 6th time. I have played Andromeda once before, but it was only a few months after the birth of my most recently spawned dragon and my world was still a bit foggy. I recall enjoying the story and loved it conceptually, but it did have its problems. Still,…

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