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Honor The Journey: 15 Mile Run

15 Miles Later

My first 15 mile run in 2019 and my first big official marathon training run up the big ladder.  I had some anxiety over these miles the night before.  But then I reminded myself that not only had I done this before, but I was even stronger and more capable to manage it now.  So here I am, seasoned distance runner, even now still wrestling the looming sense of failure.  But I had a 15 mile run to do.  Nerves…

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Captain Marvel
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Review: Captain Marvel

In preparation for Avengers: Endgame I went to a viewing of Captain Marvel.  I am not only completely caught up on my Marvel-verse, but have a family friendly movie thumbs up to recommend you and an nontraditional review.  Keeping…

Self care is not selfish
Honor The Journey

Self Care Is Not Selfish

Self care and taking time for yourself is not selfish, indulgent, or some form of narcissism.  Both our brains and our body need to recharge.  That may very well be something different to everyone else, but the core service…

Honor The Journey

Honor The Journey: 26.2 Miles

Today I registered for the Detroit Free Press Marathon and 26.2 miles of torment. On my goals this year I listed running a marathon. My last full was in 2012 and after I thought I was a half-marathon/OCR girl.…