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Review: Mass Effect Andromeda


Mass Effect Andromeda is the most recent installment of the Mass Effect series. It received a lot of bad reviews compared to the trilogy which I just recently finished playing for the 6th time. I have played Andromeda once before, but it was only a few months after the birth of my most recently spawned dragon and my world was still a bit foggy. I recall enjoying the story and loved it conceptually, but it did have its problems. Still,…

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Most Anticipated Games of 2019/20

We’re a little more than halfway through 2019 and I’m putting together a list of my most anticipated games 2019/20.  I may not game as aggressively as I used to, and it takes me a bit longer to jump…

Video Games

How To Game When Married With Dragons

How do you actively game when married with children? I wrote a brief history of my gaming (here), so it’s impact on my life is apparent, but there’s no doubt I struggle to game like I used to.  Even…