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Winter Running Gear
Running Tips

Weekly Running Tip: Winter Running Gear

Cold weather running is no joke, but it can really be a fun challenge.  It doesn’t matter if you are an established runner or just starting out, if you haven’t ran in freezing temps or knee deep snow there’s…

Running Stories

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Results

Every December I sign up for the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon.  This year was no exception.  Starting in January of 2018 I began a journey through running with results I couldn’t have predicted.  I set a few…

20 Miles Later

Challenge Accepted – 20 Miles Later

20 miles later and here I am still glowing.  After an entire summer of training and planning.  Overcoming personal obstacles and making the effort and time to stick to the regiment has not been easy, but my challenge of…


A Run In The Woods

A run in the woods was a new experience for me.  For over 50 years my family has been tramping around the woods just south of Grayling, Michigan.  My Papa built a red cabin for his wife and three…