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A Perceived Threat

perceived threat

Are all men truly a perceived threat to a woman? It sounds melodramatic unless you actually start looking into statistics of assaults on women who are just out in the world walking, running, working and living. These “perceived threats” are overwhelmingly men who commit assaults on women just out in the world existing. As someone who didn’t even grasp the depth of it until I’d experienced enough, I can tell you this is not an attack on all men. But…

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black sheep

The Burden of the Black Sheep

Being the black sheep is a topic no one wants to talk about, and this often includes the black sheep themselves. This taught behavior is how families, social circles, and other groups typically deal with the scapegoats they’ve created…


Please be Patient With us Introverts

Please be patient with us introverts right now. Most people I know are RUNNING into public, vacations, and returning to their normal. The poking of “when are we going to get together” and return what was normal for everyone…

day 2

Quarantine: Day 2 – St. Paddy’s

Day 2 and my appointments have been canceled this week. St. Paddy’s day is canceled . San Francisco area has gone on 24-hour lock-down for 3 weeks, we are limited to groups of 10 people or less, and have…


Quarantine: Day 1 of An Introvert

It is the first official Monday of social distancing and I’ve decided to keep a journal. As an expert introvert and someone that’s worked from home while managing multiple children for years, I do have some advice. I’m starting…

the orville

The Orville (Season’s 1 & 2)

I’ve had “The Orville” recommended to me time and time again, but have been apathetic to give it a go.  Seth MacFarlane is at the helm and while I don’t hate him, I’m not a huge fan either.  To…