A History of Gaming

Mass Effect Gaming

Gaming has always been an important part of my life.  As a child of the 80’s and pretty cool parents in the way of movies, TV, and games we had an Atari pretty early on.  At that point I’d played a few games at the bowling ally arcade so this new universe was amazing to me.  Games like Asteroid, Centipede, and River Raid were beyond fun and became a source of family bonding.


Sega is probably one of my favorite systems of all time.  My Mom picked up a Sega Genesis right when they dropped and I was lost in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog and it’s subsequent sequels.  Games like Alex Kidd, Aladdin, Golden Axe, ToeJam and Earl, the Bonaza Brothers, Columns, Altered Beast, and of course FLICKY my first game addiction were the centerpiece of my gaming world.

Super Nintendo

The next system in our house was a Super Nintendo and it was my little brothers and I first began my journey to the world of Mario, Donkey Kong, and other fun games, but it was also the source of my second game addiction:  Dr. Mario and Tetris.  Many hours of my teenage years were spent staying up till all hours of the night.  A great distraction for all kinds of other “teenage” shenanigans.

PC and More Nintendo

Then I was in college and my Mom had picked up a Playstation, but between working full time and school I took my longest hiatus ever from gaming.  When I was pregnant with my first son I did nothing with my spare time other than playing Sims, Roller Coaster or Zoo Tycoon, really the only PC games I ever got into.  It wasn’t till 4 or 5 years later before I had a Nintendo GameCube and I discovered the glory of Mario Party and Animal Crossing.

Xbox Life

Next up would be a game system choice that changed everything about my gaming.  My first Xbox360.  I made attempts at Perfect Dark (and was tremendously bad), but it was Gears of War that changed the type of game I played, but also introduced me to the joy of multiplayer games.  I fell in love with the story, the graphics, and the characters and the gameplay was a ton of fun.  My ex husband and I played nights after the kids went to bed and eventually joined a clan.  We were pretty good at one point.  After he got more into COD and other games and next was Gears2 for me and Horde, which still remains my favorite multiplayer game ever.  Horde was genius creation and probably monopolized hundreds and hundreds of hours of my life, but Gears3 came out during my divorce and then Call of Duty MW3 and I found my haven of gaming.

My dragons had a Wii and eventually a WiiU and were Nintendo boys (save for P vs Z which became and still is an obsession for myself and Liam) for a bit.  As Broz got older he became an Xbox Player as well.  And then…..my gaming life shifted as well.  A friend handed me their copy of Mass Effect because he’d gone the Playstation Route and I was hooked.  I played ME2 and then right after 3 was released.  Around that same time I had picked up Skyrim and gotten lost in that world too.  I’d never been one for RPG’s and suddenly I was in love.  Not long after that I discovered the Telltale Walking Dead Series and fell in love with Telltale.

I’m Here Now

Years later I don’t get on that multiplayer action too much anymore.  Now you’ll much more likely catch me playing something like Witcher 3 or Red Dead Redemption.  With another little human added to the bunch it’s hard to get lost in another world for 3-4 weeks, but I still like too when I can.  Gaming is more than just a past time for me.  It’s a wonderful part of my life and always will be.

You can catch up with me (or not) on that Xbone as Ripley x1981x


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