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  • Dark Matter
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    Review: Dark Matter

    I concluded Dark Matter this a.m. 3 seasons with an abrupt ending. Clearly, they didn’t know the show would be canceled. It almost felt like I was watching a Fox show…

  • Aladdin
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    Review: Aladdin 2019

    I had to prepare myself to watch this new adaptation of Aladdin. That preparation included changing my preconceived ideas about these “live-action adaptations”. For all of us that are reluctant to…

  • Cancellations
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    The Worst TV Show Cancellations

    The worst TV show cancellations of all time? There are many, and so many belong to Fox not allowing their SciFi series a chance to grow. Some of these on my…

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    Review: The Boys

    When I heard about “The Boys” I was not enthused.  I’m burnt out on superheros.  Endgame came at the right time.  I’m not done with Marvel, but they can just chill…