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  • anna
    Movies Review The Nerd Den

    Review: Anna (2019)

    I saw the trailer for “Anna” at the “John Wick 3” viewing and it was pretty clever advertising. In it, we saw an exotic looking blonde executing 20 plus “bad guys”…

  • Books The Nerd Den

    Review: Thrawn Treason

    Thrawn may be one of the most compelling and terrifying villains in all of the EU and any other part of the Star Wars verse. Only in the last few years…

  • The Nerd Den TV

    Why I Abandoned The Walking Dead

    There was a time when “The Walking Dead” was my favorite show on TV. Conceptually it was fantastic. The characters were dynamic and while not all likable were still compelling. The…

  • Ad Astra
    Movies Review The Nerd Den

    Review: Ad Astra

    On the surface Ad Astra presents itself as a fairly straight forward science fiction tale about the relationships between father and son. But in reality, it has a lot more to…

  • Buddy Comedy

    Where Did All the Buddy Comedies Die?

    Where did all the buddy comedies go? There are so many great things about the ’80s and 90’s buddy comedy programmers. For years it seemed like everywhere we looked a new…

  • Dark Matter
    Reviews TV

    Review: Dark Matter

    I concluded Dark Matter this a.m. 3 seasons with an abrupt ending. Clearly, they didn’t know the show would be canceled. It almost felt like I was watching a Fox show…