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Honor The Journey: No Excuses

HTJ: No Excuses

No excuses with hashtags galore.  We see it all over social media, in self help books, and talk about it all the time, but there is one thing we don’t talk about.  Crossing the threshold of wanting to make no excuses, to actually getting to the point where you are living that.  I’m not going to tell you how to get there, because in truth only you can do that.  I will tell you how I did and what it…

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Running Tips

Running Tips: Intentional Thoughts

Intentional thoughts and positivity?  Rubbish!  Or…….maybe not.   When you aren’t working out, running, or have that health game together it’s easy to let the dark and negative thoughts slip in.  It can be at all your fellow runners or…

planning your first race
Running Tips

Running Tips: Planning Your First Race

Are you taking the big step of planning your first race?  It can be overwhelming.  There’s so much literature available and different instructions across the internet.  Fellow runners will give their insight and you’re left with a hundred different…

After Race Depression
Running Tips

Running Tips: After Race Depression

One of the things I was warned about when training for my first marathon was “After Race Depression”.  This as melodramatic as it sounds is a real thing.  The amplitude of it depends on your personal scenario.  If you’ve…

Running Tips

Running Tips: Accountability

Accountability is a word that gets tossed around on the regular when discussing getting fit or dieting.  You may see posts on social media telling you to sign up for a program and have a “coach” you have to…