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Honor The Journey: Running As A Single Mom

HTJ Single Mom

When I began my real running journey it was as my first year as a single mom.  I was re-learning my life, my identity, and struggling with just about everything.  As I’ve explained many times before, a friend of mine who has become family, my running Dad “Jim” said, “Run With Me”.  That year I started training at the gym and taking long runs with him where he’d travel all the way from the East Side (Detroit-Metro) to the West…

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age is just a number
Running Tips

Running Tip: Age Is Just A Number

It’s not just a cliche, age is just a number and because of this I refuse to let it define me.  When it comes to running, it’s never too late to start.  I didn’t begin my journey into long…

recovering from a bad run
Running Tips

Recovering From A Bad Run

Recovering from a bad run is something we all inevitably must go through, and believe it or not on a regular basis.  One of the great things running can teach you is to never give up no matter how…

Pregnant running
Running Tips

Running While Pregnant – Pros and Cons

If you would have told me I would be running during my pregnancy at 35 I would have laughed in your face.  The kind of laugh that involves snorting and other unattractive nonsense.  I would have thought it an…