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Honor The Journey: Running As A Single Mom

HTJ Single Mom

When I began my real running journey it was as my first year as a single mom.  I was re-learning my life, my identity, and struggling with just about everything.  As I’ve explained many times before, a friend of mine who has become family, my running Dad “Jim” said, “Run With Me”.  That year I started training at the gym and taking long runs with him where he’d travel all the way from the East Side (Detroit-Metro) to the West…

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finish with style
Running Tips

Running Tip: How To Finish A Race

We’ve talked a lot about prepping for a race, what to do during a race, and now we address another important part of the race,: “How To Finish A Race,”.  Is it really that important?  It’s one moment in…

warm weather running
Running Tips

Running Tip: Warm Weather Running

We are coming to an end of the cold months and now it’s time to plan for some warm weather running.  Just like you prepare yourself for cold weather running you need to with warm weather.  It is just…

age is just a number
Running Tips

Running Tip: Age Is Just A Number

It’s not just a cliche, age is just a number and because of this I refuse to let it define me.  When it comes to running, it’s never too late to start.  I didn’t begin my journey into long…

Pregnant running
Running Tips

Running While Pregnant – Pros and Cons

If you would have told me I would be running during my pregnancy at 35 I would have laughed in your face.  The kind of laugh that involves snorting and other unattractive nonsense.  I would have thought it an…