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Honor The Journey: Use Power Words

power words

Sparkles, glory and magic are power words!  Words truly do have power and impact if you let them.  Over the past few years I’ve read a lot about power words.  I was extremely skeptical at first, as I often am, but was pleasantly shocked just as I once was about intentional thoughts.  If you let them, they will actually empower you.  You just have to open your mind and have a little faith.  This is coming from the person that…

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recovering from a bad run
Running Tips

Recovering From A Bad Run

Recovering from a bad run is something we all inevitably must go through, and believe it or not on a regular basis.  One of the great things running can teach you is to never give up no matter how…

Running Tips

Running Tips: Intentional Thoughts

Intentional thoughts and positivity?  Rubbish!  Or…….maybe not.   When you aren’t working out, running, or have that health game together it’s easy to let the dark and negative thoughts slip in.  It can be at all your fellow runners or…