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Ok, Boomer

ok, boomer

Ok, Boomer is one of the bigger catchphrases to catch traction in the last few years and I have have a few thoughts on it. I wasn’t sure where to go on about this conundrum. So I decided I’m just going to leave it here in hopes that it’s received as was intended. Open for discussion and without hostility! Unless you believe I deserve it, in which case I am willing to listen.…

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Sanity Saving Habits
Healthy Life Hacks

Sanity Saving Habits For Parents

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home parent, working parent, single parent or some variation of the other each takes it’s toll.  I’ve worn each of those titles and can say all are equally hard, but also rewarding.  Being…

Write Down Your Why
Running Tips

Weekly Running Tip: Write Down Your “Why”

When I first joined the running “community” the group of people I knew met once a week and one person would share their, “Why I Run”.  Some of these were weight loss goals, some were personal challenges, and some…